SET/Genesis Description

Shift Group (SG) developed the first, highly innovative game, Genesis, to be used to help teach entrepreneurship, using the course Sustainable Entrepreneur Training (SET) for new business ideas.  Additionally, the SET course innovates the combination of live, Online courses and a Course Pack for teaching, integrating sustainability, collaboration, and iterative learning.

SG’s core principle is to teach students with new business ideas that effective entrepreneurship requires using sustainable business practices, for all businesses.  And to implement sustainable business ideas effectively and profitably requires engagement, feedback, and courage. To maximize the impact of this principle, the course is designed to have a strong purpose and be fun.

If Your Class is Live and Online

A separate email with a link for connecting to the class will be sent to you before the first class. That will be the link for you to use to log into the course. This online class will be your time to work with the professor and colleagues on your business, which includes using breakout sessions and having a final presentation. This online course requires you to have a working Webcam and Microphone.

The Course Pack includes

Entrepreneur’s Manual— your personal workbook to evolve your business idea into action items. It is purposely lean and designed to have you revisit key concepts as you go through the course. It is digital and includes 26 sample readings, two for each of the 13 classes.
Genesisan online game that is used as an online textbook. Instead of reading about entrepreneurship principles, you play the game to learn about them. Each Level of Genesis co-insides with the SET/Genesis course. For example, Level 1 is for Class #1, Level 2 is for Class #2, and so on. There are 13 Levels in Genesis.
Slides— Each of the pre-recorded videos has slides. They are included here for you to review and refer to, as necessary. There are slide decks for all the videos, for 13 classes.
Templates— This is your area to work on three key areas of the business: 1) Marketing,  2) Finance and 3) Team Building. You will review, change and sometimes pivot your business idea here.
Videos— Each of the videos go over that day’s lesson. For example, before Class #1 you would watch the Intro and the videos for Class #1, for before Class #2, you would watch all the videos for Class #2, and so on. There are 13 classes in all.