Become Part of the Elite Genesis Alliance

GENESIS is a social network game designed to inspire entrepreneurs to solve some of the world’s largest social problems…


Save the World of Tomorrow!

To start your business; Genesis flies you 40 years in the future – to bleak and unfriendly world from what humans have done to it and to each other.

An elite group of heroes; the Genesis Alliance, needs your help to save our planet of tomorrow.

In 13 missions in different cities, the Genesis Alliance will train you to create a sustainable, successful start-up business.

Explore different cities and learn:
‌• Entrepreneurship
‌• Sustainability
‌• Collaboration

Your final test and launch:

Fly back to the world of today – Where you have access to real-life mentors, coaches, investors, and customers.

Experiential meets Iterative meets Discovery meets Cyclical Learning.

Empowering Entrepreneurs through Gamification

Genesis, by Shift Group, is the world’s first gamified community-based training for any start-up worldwide.

Integrating Sustainability

Genesis will quickly lead the global marketplace in online entrepreneur education; integrating sustainability into business practices.

Do Well By Doing Good

The goal of the social network game is to  empower students to come up with creative solutions to improve our communities and the environment, while making a profit.

Success & Sustainability:
teaches entrepreneurs to take their concept from the lab to the marketplace, and aligns them with sustainable funding, coaching, and mentoring.