Videos– Watch 14 videos for class:  Intro and Class #1 BEFORE class #1, Class #2 BEFORE class #2, Class #3 BEFORE Class #3, and so on.


SlidesThe slides here are exactly the same as what is used in each of the videos you will watch before each class.  In case you want access to the slides.

Entrepreneur’s Manualthis workbook is intentionally sparse.  We believe your time is better spent working ON your business, not reading about it.  Each module in this book is due after each class.  For example, after class #1:  chapter one is due; after class #2: chapter two is due; and so on.


TemplatesHere is where you really dig deeper into setting up your business.  It is normal and completely OK to change your answers as you continue to learn more about building a business.  You’ll be revisiting your templates on a regular basis for this.

Genesis in Beta, and designed to emphasize key principles of the SET course.  Also designed to learn about what other people are creating.