John Reaves is an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others.

Key Business Accomplishments:

John Reaves is an educator, program designer and facilitator focused on innovation, creativity, organizational and skills development. He has a background in anthropology, sociology, theater and film with studies at Cornell, Yale, and NYU. He is a pioneer in the development of virtual learning models.

John has designed and produced communications and training curricula supporting change initiatives for SAP, GM, Mobil, Exxon, Sodexo, and other international corporations. For GE, he designed a series of workshops on leadership, innovation, design thinking and creativity. For Pratt & Whitney, he supported collaborative sessions at their Executive Leadership Conferences.

Innovation workshops at Nationwide, Epson, and Arm & Hammer helped develop new approaches to product development. He has designed and facilitated workshops on design thinking for Anadarko, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Takeda. Recent projects include the use of augmented and virtual reality to support immersive learning.

A multi-year project with the National Science Foundation integrated design thinking, entrepreneurship, agile and lean startup methodologies into a national STEM innovation curriculum. He has collaborated on innovation programs with a number of educational and arts institutions, including Yale, Virginia Tech, University of Iowa, University of California, the Moscow Art Theater, the Globe Theater in London, the St. Petersburg Academy of Drama and Music, and the Seoul Institute for the Arts.